Seeing Terrorism Through a Compassionate Heart

It was like going back to those hard times where war was just happening within miles from our doorsteps and there were smoke, sounds of siren and riots everywhere. We would never thought, that our beloved city could be the target of terrorism, much more being bombed in several different locations for the span of just two days.

I sat here and couldn’t help but wonder, what about those parents who just lost both of their children because of the bombing? How would parents feel to have to go through such pain and so many why’s? What about the wife who just lost her husband, leaving her with their baby who is only less than twelve months old? She wouldn’t ever thought that on one fine Sunday morning, when her husband said goodbye to her to volunteer at church as he always does every sunday, that it would be the last goodbye. The amount of suffering seeing our loved ones experiencing a third-degree burns on 80 to 90 percent of their bodies – how could you describe that kind of pain? And tell me, how to carry on?

I still believe, that every human being is capable of love, and that each of us understands what humanity really is. There is not one baby born into this world and all the sudden decided, “I want to be an evil person when I grow up.” You know what I mean? But sadly, this world that we live in, is far from perfect. A once pure, innocent soul can be so mentally damaged by this world that they can become so corrupted that made them think such behavior is justified, with whatever reason it may be whether it be religion or anything else.

But when something incredibly heartbreaking like this happen, and when this is happening in our own backyards, affecting the people that we know of, it could create such hatred and so much anger inside of us, isn’t it? Sometimes we could be too focused on the excuse the terrorists are using to do such thing like this (such as religion in this case) and then we get mad and we point fingers to one another. Isn’t this exactly what terrorism is all about? To be able to create hate within all of us and to eventually leading us to go to war against each other in the end? I understand all of these mixed emotions and feelings but if only we could try to contain all of these pain, anger and hatred energies and transform them all into as much healing energies – to help each one in need, to do something in the best way we possibly could to help others, and to unite in humanity, and to understand, that even for this, there is a greater meaning that God had orchestrated for our lives. We are capable of helping each other and care about each other. We each can do something to make a small difference in other people’s lives. There might not be a lot that we can contribute when something like this happen (unless we’re police officers, doctors, nurses or emergency response team) but at least, we can try to make a difference by doing what we can in ways we know how. How about giving more tips to a taxi driver knowing that he had an awful day because no one wanted to go outside today and just simply giving him encouragement that this will soon be over with. He has a family to go home to today, and probably what he earned wasn’t enough. Maybe just by being kind to a stranger can change his mind about humanity. And maybe, eventually, once we decide to want to be the difference maker in the world, maybe, we could prevent things like this to happen in the future. And maybe, we could see to it that something that was meant to harm us, in actuality made us stronger. Always, always, believe in humanity. Create a better world, if not for us, for our children to live in. Any one of us can make an impact to create a better world. Don’t ever believe that we can’t do anything. We are stronger together.

Matthew West – Do Something