What to wear for New York Fashion Week – More is more is the right word when it comes to NYFW

Hey you gorgeous!

So if you all been following my instagram, you would know that I just recently had the opportunity to attend New York fashion Week and it was in that exact moment that I realized that I truly am so passionately in love with fashion so much.

New York Fashion Week is filled with super fabulous people bringing up their fashion game to the next level – and I really love and enjoy seeing all these gorgeous and fashionable people from all around the world! And plus, I have the perfect excuse to wear the clothes that I want to wear but don’t get to wear on a daily basis. New York fashion Week is that kind of event for me to wear whatever I feel like wearing.

So today I will talk about all of my outfits during NYFW

Outfit #1:


I pair my ruffle sleeve top with a very wide culottes pants, and added the lace socks to complete the look. And I decided to wear my red bag to add a pop of color to brighten up my outfit a little

Outfit #2:


This dress is already the perfect little black dress, which is the combination of elegant, girly yet a little sexy as well. I actually wore a girly pink butterfly heels that night but I finally gave up and wore my flats for the rest of the night ;p Lucky I was wearing a long dress, so the sandal was kinda covered by the dress. I paired the dress with a silver bomber jacket to make the whole look more stylish.

Outfit #3:


The red cape really kinda stand out on itself. I actually love the white top beneath the cape, I will try to style this top with something else later on. I pair the white top with a very cool sparkly leather pants to finish the look.

Outfit #4:


Here I pair a long white shirt with a black cardigan, and seal the look with fishnet tights and a pair of platform brogue.

Outfit #5:


In this outfit, I wear my modernized traditional Indonesian “Batik” pants. I just love the prints on this pants! I pair this with a black sweater with detailed lace sleeves to focus more on the pants.

Outfit #6:


This girly romper skirt seriously makes me feel like a barbie doll. It’s pink, it has flowery details and it’s filled with ruffles, so of course I have to wear this for NYFW. I pair this with a white shirt with some ruffle details on the sleeve and a cute girly butterfly pink heels to finish this girly barbie doll look.

Outfit #7:


I had so much fun wearing this! In here, I pair a yellow tutu sheer dress with a black legging and a black torso wrap, and seal the look with the silver bomber jacket. I decided to use a bright pink clutch to add more color to this already colorful outfit. And I chose this gold platform shoes for this sporty look.

Outfit #8:


A ripped jeans paired with a fishnet top combined with a silver bomber jacket. I chose a more edgy shoes for this whole look.

Outfit #9:


This girly mermaid skirt is paired with a sportier look top and a rockstud shoes for an edgier girly look.

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I love writing it 😉


Until next time, my fabulous people 🙂


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