Something Old, Something New (You Too can Style it Like a Pro)

Hello everyone!

How’s your week going so far?

Today I decided to talk about styling trend clothes with something old – or something that we already have (but most probably hidden) in our closet

And it’s so easy to forget about some piece of clothing that we have if we just don’t see it in front of our eyes, right?

So right now, if you would, take a closer look inside your closet and search through all of your old vests, tank tops, romper, jumpsuits, or even dresses that you can combine with the new trend pieces (in-the-now hot items) to create a new, fresher look and the best part about this is, you get to feel so proud of yourself for being able to reuse some old stuffs and not spending more money toward new trends that won’t last for too long.

So after you’re done with your treasure hunting, now let’s talk about the top that we can wear to create a new cold shoulder look

The best top to work with is off shoulder tops, and especially with ruffle sleeves to create the drama (but a regular sleeve or bell sleeve works too if you’re not into too much statement)

If you would combine this with a vest, it would create a cold shoulder look like this picture below


But if you would combine this with that long vest from last season, now you have the newest vest of the season (plus, you get to feel satisfied for not throwing things out, don’t you?)


And you could also combine this off shoulder top with a romper or jumpsuit or even an old dress too!

So go ahead, experiment! Try all of them and see which ones you like

You’ll be surprised at how much more style you get to create just by combining something old and something new together


Thank you for reading my loves, and see you next time!


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