How to Create Different Looks on the Same Outfit

This pink top has been my long time favorite for a year now and I have been using it many times and styled it in different ways on other occasions.

People have been telling me to stick with a more simpler outfit as those kinds are easier to mix and match and people won’t even realize that you’ve been wearing the same outfit; and whilst this is true, I like to mix these “simpler” outfit with a more complex one to make a fashion statement, like this pink sleeves ruffle top.

The key to having many different styles with an outfit is to layer things up. Like in this picture, I combined my sweet pink ruffles sleeve top with a simple white cardigan to create a chic look. I can also pair the top with a jumpsuit to create a different, edgier look. Or, I can even throw a dress on top of it to make a more feminine look.

You can try to mix and match your top or dress or shirt with what you already have in your closet – such as a vest, tank top, jumpsuit, you name it. If you don’t try them on, you won’t know what it would look like. Don’t be afraid to do some experiments on your own.



Top: you can find something similar here, for only under $30 ruffle sleeve top

Vest: Zara from previous season, but this is something new that I have an eye on pink blazer dress

Pants: I really like this one culottes white pants

Or this one wide culottes pants


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you I’ll see you next time on my next post




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