Give Us Some Time To Balance It All and Give You the Best of Both Worlds

This is to all of us who can relate to this story:

No, really, we get it. We are the generation who are supposed to know better because we were raised better, trained better. We are the last generation before the “Millennial”. We didn’t have all the privilege as the Millennial do because we were raised in different standards – we were raised in “old style” where we’re always expected to be well behaved and we need to show respect no matter what it is. And we’re already used to it, believe us, that you always expected more out of us anyway and we’re completely fine with it.

And to some of us who happen to have to follow the path of “inheriting” the family business, I’m here to say, I feel you. Some people might tell you that you’re lucky and all for having everything ready for you and not having to have to go through all the process of finding your dream job and climbing your corporate ladder but hey guess what? When we are given the chance, we actually want to do all that. We actually find all those things to be the luxurious things in life – to be able to decide about your own life on your own for once, because we didn’t get to do all that. Our lives are pretty much predetermined already and as much as our parents want to say that they’re not controlling us but in actuality, they do. And no, they won’t ever admit it, I’m sorry. So here we are, being taught to be all strong and independent so that we can continue to be the backbone of our family (the last time I checked an independent person doesn’t run back to his/her parent and ask for a permission about a business deal-they just do it themselves) but yet we also need to be submissive to our parents still, because this is how we are raised, right? Ok – if I can please have a moment here please: Can you all please help us out by at least give us a little bit of time to adjust so we can be ourselves again?

All of this pressure that you’re putting in our shoulder – to tell you the truth, is a bit too much to handle for a 20 something year old. And it’s not that we can’t do it- but please do realize that we are still young, and we are still adapting and growing here. Please know that at the bottom of our hearts, we truly love and respect our parents the most because yes, we were raised better and yes, we know better. Respect, however, comes in many forms. Just because you don’t control the money anymore that doesn’t mean that we would stop respecting you because our respect and love do not come from you providing us the money. And please do not mistaken that you need the power to control us for us to be able to respect you. In actuality, our respect and love comes unconditionally to you, because you have given birth to us. Because you have done the best you possibly could in ways you know how to raise us. And for that, we are eternally grateful to you, our parents, for making us the person that we are right now.

So yes, we are the generation who are supposed to know better and we were taught better. It’s not easy to be us, but we just have to deal with the cards we’ve been dealt and just have to make the best of it. One day some day, life will all make sense and we will know the reason why they have to be this hard on us.


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