How to Create Different Looks on the Same Outfit

This pink top has been my long time favorite for a year now and I have been using it many times and styled it in different ways on other occasions.

People have been telling me to stick with a more simpler outfit as those kinds are easier to mix and match and people won’t even realize that you’ve been wearing the same outfit; and whilst this is true, I like to mix these “simpler” outfit with a more complex one to make a fashion statement, like this pink sleeves ruffle top.

The key to having many different styles with an outfit is to layer things up. Like in this picture, I combined my sweet pink ruffles sleeve top with a simple white cardigan to create a chic look. I can also pair the top with a jumpsuit to create a different, edgier look. Or, I can even throw a dress on top of it to make a more feminine look.

You can try to mix and match your top or dress or shirt with what you already have in your closet – such as a vest, tank top, jumpsuit, you name it. If you don’t try them on, you won’t know what it would look like. Don’t be afraid to do some experiments on your own.



Top: you can find something similar here, for only under $30 ruffle sleeve top

Vest: Zara from previous season, but this is something new that I have an eye on pink blazer dress

Pants: I really like this one culottes white pants

Or this one wide culottes pants


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you I’ll see you next time on my next post



A Lesson I Learned from Mrs. Potts

People say a lot of awful things in anger. It is our choice whether or not to listen

~ Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast)

Once a word is said, we can’t take it back no matter how bad we want it to. I think in life, we all have experienced this (many for some) when we get upset or mad or sad and even though we may not mean what we said, it wouldn’t matter because we can’t take it back.

We know what it feels like to regret the things we have said and wished that we could take it back if we could but when it comes to other people we can’t seem to give them the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t mean what they said when they said those hurtful words. But then again, it is somewhat understandable since we don’t know what’s inside other people’s hearts anyway, right? So of course when we feel hurt we would all the sudden go to our defensive mode and protect ourselves so that we won’t get hurt again. And sometimes, if the hurt they feel is very painful, they will start their offensive mode and start saying hurtful things as well to hurt the other person back.

Sometimes, people say hurtful things to you and they really don’t mean any of it. But it is really up to us whether or not we want to listen. If we choose to listen to those words and let it get to us, it’s the same with taking the dump other people throw at us and eat it. No. We’re supposed to let it fall on the ground so our garden can have the nutrition it needs and therefore grow. These people that throw dumps on us, sometimes they can be a total stranger or sometimes they’re very close to us, but no matter what, understand that they are just human beings who happened to have a lot of dumps in their unhappy life (because happy people don’t go around throwing dumps on other people) and they don’t know better ways to distribute their dumps other than throwing it out to other people.

mrs-potts 2
People say a lot of things in anger. It is our choice whether or not to listen.

So instead of being angry at them, we should feel sorry for them for being the person that they are. And I’m not just saying this because it seems like a good writing or anything, but I also know what it feels like to be receiving the dumps all the time and more than anything, I know that it is very hard to try to ignore and not let those words get to us. But no matter how bad the person is, know that at least they deserve the benefit of the doubt and that they too would regret what they said to us, even if we will never know that for sure for the rest of our lives. Because if we want to take in every single hurtful words that we receive in our lifetime, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to process it through and heal our hearts fully, because those dumps will always keep on being thrown at us during our lifetime. So instead, for our better self, let it go. Don’t take it in; let it fall on your ground. Let your garden grow instead.

Who Should I Date : A Love Letter – An Introduction

Have you ever stop and think for a moment, that there are over seven billion people in this world and you’re supposed to find that one person that you are meant to share your life with?

But sometimes, we’re so focused on finding our happy ending we don’t learn how to read the signs. How to tell from the ones who want us and the ones who don’t; the ones who will stay and the ones who’ll leave. Maybe the happy ending is this: knowing after all the unreturned phone calls, broken hearts, through the blunders and misread signals, through all the pain and embarrassment, YOU NEVER GAVE UP HOPE

~ He’s just not that into you (2009)

This letter is not about finding our happy ending, not about how to get a guy or how to spot a good guy from all the bad ones, and definitely not about how to play the game (or the rules – however you wanna call it) to get your dream guy. This is a letter for those who wants to get a deeper understanding about love and relationship and for those who still wants to believe in real love.

There are many types of love and many reasons of why people choose their love partner; some choose the ones they are familiar with, some want the easy ones they can manipulate so that they can always get what they want, some want a certain type because they feel safer that way, some want a life partner and a best friend, some want someone who will challenge them to be a better person everyday. Now I can’t say that one is better than the other and which one is the right one, because everyone has different priorities about who their love partner should be. Who we want to be with depends on our priority in life and our perspective in seeing love.

Now after I’ve said all of that, to try to find that one person who will truly love you and value you how you deserve to be valued, you are bound to have some errors and encounter a couple of wrong “frogs” until you will eventually find your prince charming. But how do we know and differentiate a lesson from a soulmate? People keep on saying : spot the red flags and yes, they are right. Don’t be blinded by it. But how to be able to see it when you’re deeply in love? Trust me, your gut feeling is there for a reason. Don’t try to change him or hope that he will change one day. Don’t justify an action and don’t keep on thinking that no one is perfect so maybe I should just accept their weaknesses too. I’m not saying that this statement is not true, but when you are with someone you’re meant to be with, this wouldn’t even come up on your mind. You will think, he is such a mess and there are this and this that I really can’t stand it when he does that sometimes but hey you know what? When he loves me or when he looks at me he makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. This is what would happen when you meet the right person. His strength will supersede his weaknesses and you won’t even have to justify anything.

Don’t lose hope; I know it can very tiring especially when we try to find that one person among everyone else


There are those guidance and rules out there of how to get your man and you should play the game if you want to be with the man of your dream – and I don’t really like that game. Yes we can play the game and yes you could be with someone you want but the real question is, does he want you? Most people are looking for the end result that they can be with someone they want but a marriage itself is not the ending here. In contrary, it is just the beginning of your new life. This is where you will see the world on another level and either you grow together or you grow apart but definitely all of us will grow. We won’t be the same person we are ten years from now, we weren’t even the same person ten years ago. If you are presenting yourself in some ways that you’re not and playing the game just to get a guy, I don’t think you will be truly happy later on in life.

Keep in mind that not all guys can fall into a certain criteria, so if you say that this guy is doing this so it means that he’s like this – this is not always the case because guys have different characters too. But there is one thing they have in common: all guys are simple minded. So if he is not texting or calling you or looking for you, he really is just not that into you. Even for some guys, when they do call and look for you it doesn’t always mean that they’re that much into you either.

Yes I agree that it is very hard to find a good guy out there and like I said earlier, we all have different priorities about wanting who our love partner is so we will get hurt along the way when we meet the wrong ones but know for sure that every time you get your heart broken, you are just that one step closer into finding the right one. Don’t lose hope; I know it can be very tiring especially when we try to find that one person among everyone else. You will encounter some people who will make you question yourself as to whether you’re worthy of love but keep on believing that you are, and one day you will meet someone who will truly love and appreciate you the way you’re supposed to be loved and appreciated.

Give Us Some Time To Balance It All and Give You the Best of Both Worlds

This is to all of us who can relate to this story:

No, really, we get it. We are the generation who are supposed to know better because we were raised better, trained better. We are the last generation before the “Millennial”. We didn’t have all the privilege as the Millennial do because we were raised in different standards – we were raised in “old style” where we’re always expected to be well behaved and we need to show respect no matter what it is. And we’re already used to it, believe us, that you always expected more out of us anyway and we’re completely fine with it.

And to some of us who happen to have to follow the path of “inheriting” the family business, I’m here to say, I feel you. Some people might tell you that you’re lucky and all for having everything ready for you and not having to have to go through all the process of finding your dream job and climbing your corporate ladder but hey guess what? When we are given the chance, we actually want to do all that. We actually find all those things to be the luxurious things in life – to be able to decide about your own life on your own for once, because we didn’t get to do all that. Our lives are pretty much predetermined already and as much as our parents want to say that they’re not controlling us but in actuality, they do. And no, they won’t ever admit it, I’m sorry. So here we are, being taught to be all strong and independent so that we can continue to be the backbone of our family (the last time I checked an independent person doesn’t run back to his/her parent and ask for a permission about a business deal-they just do it themselves) but yet we also need to be submissive to our parents still, because this is how we are raised, right? Ok – if I can please have a moment here please: Can you all please help us out by at least give us a little bit of time to adjust so we can be ourselves again?

All of this pressure that you’re putting in our shoulder – to tell you the truth, is a bit too much to handle for a 20 something year old. And it’s not that we can’t do it- but please do realize that we are still young, and we are still adapting and growing here. Please know that at the bottom of our hearts, we truly love and respect our parents the most because yes, we were raised better and yes, we know better. Respect, however, comes in many forms. Just because you don’t control the money anymore that doesn’t mean that we would stop respecting you because our respect and love do not come from you providing us the money. And please do not mistaken that you need the power to control us for us to be able to respect you. In actuality, our respect and love comes unconditionally to you, because you have given birth to us. Because you have done the best you possibly could in ways you know how to raise us. And for that, we are eternally grateful to you, our parents, for making us the person that we are right now.

So yes, we are the generation who are supposed to know better and we were taught better. It’s not easy to be us, but we just have to deal with the cards we’ve been dealt and just have to make the best of it. One day some day, life will all make sense and we will know the reason why they have to be this hard on us.

Lost in Rodeo

It was a lovely day in Beverly Hills when we came last week and oh Los Angeles is so blessed with this kind of weather, seriously!

Here I am styling an asymmetrical shirt with a tutu skirt which creates this look. For those who have been following my instagram, you would know that I always prefer quality over quantity so I always try to reuse my clothes and style them in different ways instead of keep on buying new ones.

In actuality, the shirt can be paired with a jeans and it will be a much more casual look that we can all wear in our daily lives, yet still creates the dramatic impact. Let me know if you want me to style this top in different ways.



Asymmetrical top: I bought this at a vintage shop overseas but am trying my best to find something similar to this for you One shoulder top or this one asymmetrical top

Tutu skirt: Here are something similar to mine, and it’s on sale for only $10! tutu skirt

And this one is a tutu dress but I need to mention it here since it’s on sale for only $23 and it’s so pretty tutu dress

Bag:  Chanel medium flap bag

Shoes: Christian Louboutin